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Let's live it

Today anything and everything is possible. The world is wide open. Opportunity is everywhere. You live the life you want, intensely and without compromise. Your smartphone is not just a device, it is a human extension that facilitates togetherness, freedom and unity. Wiko’s ambition is to support you to live life to the fullest. Through well designed technology and accessible prices, never has it been so easy to explore new horizons, new codes and new rules. Opening a world of opportunities with our communities is the brand’s mission.

Group of young people taking a picture with their WIKO smartphone, sat around a table placed in the middle of the street.

Global Brand, French DNA

It all started in 2011, in Marseille, France. 2 long-time friends James Lin, CEO of Tinno group, a Chinese innovative industrial, and Laurent Dahan, a French visionary entrepreneur, decided to join forces with one common goal: MAKE SMARTPHONE TECHNOLOGY ACCESSIBLE TO ALL. Based in Marseille since Wiko’s creation, the talented creative team of passionate, daring and out-of-box thinkers explore all forms of inspiration to add the original Wiko touch to our smartphones, accessories and connected devices

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A strong international group

In 2018, WIKO and Tinno combined their complementary skills to build a global story. Then in 2019, WIKO entered a new era of its development with the opening of the US market. Today, Wiko is a global mobile brand operating in over 30 countries around the world, while still very much attached to its roots and startup spirit. This is what makes both the company and the brand unique.